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KAATSU Is For Everyone

Rehabilitation & Wellness

Recover quickly and maintain muscle balance and strength.

Performance Enhancement

Work smarter, and more effectively.

Anti-Aging & Preventative Care

Naturally reduce the effects of aging.

KAATSU Cycle & KAATSU Training

The primary methods of KAATSU are KAATSU Cycle and KAATSU Training. KAATSU Cycle can be done without any motion or with very slow movement, whereas KAATSU Training can entail either slow or fast-paced motion with or without resistance, or any kind of sporting or rehabilitation equipment.



In the KAATSU Cycle, the pneumatic bands apply pressure for 20 seconds, followed by a release for 5 seconds. Pressure is incrementally increased during the 3-minute process to a safe and optimal pressure. KAATSU Cycle is great for de-conditioned, injured or unfit individuals, and for light exercise in the office, at home, or while traveling.

KAATSU Training

KAATSU Training

KAATSU Training can be used by individuals of all agesand abilities for a more intense non-impact workout - or as part of any athletic workout or rehabilitation regime.