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KAATSU Wearables

KAATSU Wearables

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Available Q3 2018


Sample Customers

The KAATSU Wearable is a conveniently wearable device that works with both KAATSU Air Bands and KAATSU Aqua Bands. The device is ideal for individual use and for travel.

It is a robust device with 4 pneumatic bands used by individuals of all ages and conditions for physical training, rehabilitation, wellness, recovery and strength-, stamina- and speed-building purposes.

The KAATSU Wearable comes with KAATSU Air Bands or KAATSU Aqua Bands of your choosing (select Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) and can be inputted, uploaded and archived in the KAATSU Performance Database (www.kaatsuperformance.com).

Data Monitoring

An optional Masimo MightySatâ„¢ Fingertrip Pulse Oximeter and Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor measures and monitors the following data during exercise or rehabilitation:

The KAATSU Wearable also measures and archives additional information such as:

Band Sizes

KAATSU Air Bands are available in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Measure the circumference of the top of your arm (right by your armpit) and the circumference of the top of your leg (right alongside your groin). Those circumferences will determine the appropriate size for your KAATSU Air Bands.

Small: less than 18 km (7.06 inches)
Medium: 18 - 28 cm (7.06 - 11.02 inches)
Large: 28 - 38 cm (11.02 - 14.96 inches)

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